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Haley's Light

"Keeping families safe one light at a time"

Haley's Light was created because of a mother’s grief following the death of her 21-year-old daughter, Haley, while on a road trip.  Haley's Light is committed to raising awareness about highway safety and providing vital information on the proper steps to take when a vehicle becomes disabled. Our mission is to spare families the pain and grief associated with accidents by empowering them with knowledge and tools to navigate these challenging situations safely.  Every year, countless lives are affected by accidents that could be mitigated with proper education, conversation and preparation. Haley's Light seeks to address this gap by offering guidance on safe practices, emphasizing the importance of visibility, and educating drivers on the potential risks and best courses of action in the event of a disabled vehicle.  As part of our initiative, we have available the Haley's Light LED safety flare—a powerful tool designed to enhance the visibility of disabled vehicles on the road. This simple, yet effective, device aims to provide an added layer of safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents in these vulnerable situations.  We also wholeheartedly believe there is power, that will invoke change, by sharing Haley’s Story. 


This is Haley's Story:

At approximately 10pm on April 16th, 2022, Haley was traveling with a friend through Pennsylvania when a minor accident left their vehicle disabled.  A short time after having exited the vehicle an oncoming car exceeding the posted 70mph speed limit lethally struck Haley leaving her trapped under the car that struck her.  She was briefly awake before becoming lifeless.  Haley suffered multiple fractures to her entire body.  Upon arrival of paramedics, Haley was pronounced dead, but soon revived. Upon arriving at the trauma hospital, via Airflight, Haley was immediately taken into surgery to stop internal bleeding due to her fractured and dislocated pelvis. Following multiple surgeries, Haley was put into an induced coma. Being struck by the car resulted in oxygen deprivation, which she couldn't recover from.  Haley passed away 4 days later on 4/20/22. Haley was an organ donor. Her heart was the only organ she was unable to donate. We believe... she decided to keep her most redeeming quality!

About Us

Haley's Light was founded by Brook Stealey, Haley's mother, with the hope of educating others about safe travel. Brook, who obtained a Bachelor's degree in Education from UCF in 1998, has always been passionate about spreading knowledge. By sharing Haley's story, providing safety lights and educating others, she aims to prevent other families from experiencing such immense and tragic loss. Several of Haley's close friends are also working with us and it is truly an honor to have their heartfelt dedication and love alongside her mother. 

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Haley's Light Gives Back

We believe in taking action with urgency and care to serve those who need us most. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. It’s time to make real change.

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