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Our "Why"

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On April 16, 2022, my daughter Haley, 21 years old, was on a road trip with a friend traveling through Pennsylvania when their car broke down on the side of the road late at night. Tragically, Haley was fatally struck by an oncoming car while outside the vehicle. She passed away four days later, on April 20, 2022. Haley graduated from high school with honors and earned a scholarship to pursue a degree in Psychology, a field she was passionate about.

From a young age, Haley was a formidable presence—an advocate for others—and she developed a strong passion for changing the world. She enjoyed going to concerts with her friends, hoping to meet the bands (and she met many of them), as well as thrift shopping for clothes. Haley's friends, concerts, thrift shopping, and her unwavering desire to make the world a better place defined who she was.

A testament to Haley's kind and giving heart was her decision to be a registered organ donor. Even after her passing, she continues to change the lives of many others through the ultimate gift of organ donation. We have already received two letters from her organ recipients, describing the life-changing impact of Haley's gifts. Haley's light shines on through her continuous acts of giving to others.

We believe that honest discussions and sharing the gruesome details of what can happen on the road are essential for effecting change. If Haley's story, combined with education and providing roadside safety lights to every home, can prevent other families from experiencing such a tragedy, then we are honoring her legacy. We want to visit high schools, church youth groups, and our community to share the story of her accident. By doing so, we initiate conversations about road safety do's and don'ts within families. We don't want anyone to think, 'This happens to other families, not mine.' This tragedy happened to us, so it can happen to anyone.

We have many more ideas in the pipeline that embody Haley's spirit and aim to improve our community. With everyone's support, we will reach every household and every community!

"Keeping families safe one light and conversation at a time"

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