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"Echoes of Friendship: Honoring Haley through the Words of Those Who Loved Her"

"It's difficult to express in words the profound impact Haley has had on my life. When I reflect on just how much she has done for me, it becomes almost overwhelming. I don't believe she fully realized the extent to which she made a difference in my life. Likewise, I did not realize how lucky I was to have her as a friend. Her kindness, humor, and intelligence are just a few things I miss about her every day.

    Haley was the one who took me under her wing in middle school when I had practically no friends. She introduced me to her friend group, and we became inseparable almost instantly. She was incredibly intelligent, although she never gave herself enough credit for it. She always helped me with any psychology concepts I struggled with in school, recalling topics we went over in class like it was second nature. It was a subject she was deeply passionate about and seemed to understand effortlessly.  Thanks to Haley, I made the decision to go vegetarian in high school after she convinced me, having been vegan throughout her own high school years. It was something her and I bonded over, going to vegan festivals and trying new foods together whenever possible. Haley also introduced me to a lot of the bands I now love. Our favorite thing to do was go to concerts. We always said that we had to have at least one concert to look forward to to get us through the school year, so you can imagine how many concerts we went to together during those years!

    Furthermore, Haley played a vital role in introducing me to almost all of my closest friends who have become integral to my life. Her natural ability to connect with others was something I struggled with growing up. Haley effortlessly befriended anyone and built trust with them almost instantly. She was the best listener when you needed to vent, she never made you feel beneath her for whatever problem you were going through, and she always seemed to have the best solutions to any problem.

Above all, Haley was my role model. She consistently saw the best in others and gave them the benefit of the doubt, even when they may not have deserved it. With her wonderful sense of humor and outgoing personality, she led the way in everything we did together, and I happily followed. Embodying Haley's ability to connect with others has been my ongoing aspiration.  Haley left an impression wherever she was. People in my life who were only able to meet Haley a handful of times would always ask about her. Family members who hadn't seen her in years would often inquire about her well-being. My mom would fondly mention how much she missed her during times when Haley and I weren't in touch. Whenever Haley came over, my little sister would eagerly want to hang out with her, and Haley always treated her like another best friend. The number of people who have come together to continue her legacy is proof of how adored she is.

    In honor of Haley, let's make an effort to put ourselves out there a bit more. Reach out to those people you've been too afraid to speak to. Text an old friend you miss and catch up with them. Let the people around you know that you're there for them when they need support. Never close the doors on old friendships. By doing these things, we can all keep Haley's memory alive. Let's all strive to live a little bit more like Haley."




Haley Painting
Haley and Papa
Haley and Aunt Christine
Maya Taylor Haley Graduation_edited_edited
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Haley and Julia

In the wake of Haley's passing, words have often escaped me, their inadequacy a stark reflection of her irreplaceable presence. Yet, amidst this profound loss, Haley's essence—a beacon of light, energy, and boundless radiance—remains undimmed, her spirit too vibrant to be extinguished.

Our friendship blossomed in the most whimsical of ways, under the canopy of the red bug playground, where a simple exchange of silly bands sealed a bond that would endure a lifetime. Even then, Haley's generosity knew no bounds; a trait that foreshadowed the depth of her character. It's a memory she playfully contested, insisting our paths crossed a year later. This disparity only highlights Haley's indelible impact, leaving an unforgettable imprint on every soul she encountered.

Haley wasn't just a friend; she was the sister fate forgot to give me. Our lives intertwined so completely that we seamlessly adopted each other's families as our own. Together, we navigated the tumultuous journey from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood, our friendship a constant amidst the ever-changing backdrop of our lives. Haley possessed an uncanny ability to understand me more profoundly than I understood myself, a testament to the depth of our connection.

Our dreams and aspirations were interwoven, each milestone a shared venture. From whimsical childhood plans to the heartfelt promises of adulthood, we envisioned a future filled with shared moments and milestones. The thought of a future without her physical presence—a future where she won't be the maid of honor at my wedding, where our children won't know her incredible aunt, where old age won't find us reminiscing side by side—is a reality too cruel to bear.

The longing for one more hug, one more conversation, one more burst of her infectious laughter is overwhelming. In her absence, a piece of my heart is forever missing, taken far too soon by the cruel hands of fate. Yet, in my heartache, I find resolve. I vow to honor Haley's memory in every step I take, carrying her spirit with me always. She will continue to be a part of every story I tell, every memory I cherish, and every moment of beauty in this world.

Our souls, eternally intertwined, carry the promise of reunion beyond the confines of this earthly existence. Until that day comes, I cling to the love that binds us, a love that transcends the barriers of time and space. Haley, my dear friend, you are loved beyond words, missed beyond measure, and remembered with every beat of my heart. Forever and always, you remain an integral part of me.




Saying farewell to you, Haley Boggs, my dearest friend, has undeniably been the most heart-wrenching experience of my life. I've attempted time and again to encapsulate my feelings, to draft countless paragraphs in an effort to articulate the immense void your departure has left in my heart. Yet, each attempt falls short, as words seem too feeble to encompass the depth of what you truly meant to me and the profound impact you've had on my life.

Your presence was a beacon of light, guiding and uplifting everyone fortunate enough to know you. The lessons you've imparted to me, through your actions and your unwavering spirit, are treasures I vow to carry within me for all my days. You taught me the essence of kindness, the strength in vulnerability, and the unparalleled power of genuine friendship. These lessons, etched deeply into the fabric of who I am, have transformed me in ways I am only beginning to comprehend.

The bond we shared was unique, transcending the ordinary; it was a connection that felt more like destiny than mere coincidence. Your innate ability to sense when I was not okay, to step in with your comforting presence and words of encouragement, was a gift I never took for granted. In your subtle, caring ways, you were always my guardian angel on earth, and I find solace in believing that you will continue to watch over me from the heavens above.

My love for you is eternal, transcending the confines of time and space. You have left an indelible mark on my heart, Haley, one that I will cherish and carry with me wherever I go. The memories we created, the laughter we shared, and the challenges we faced together will forever be a source of strength and joy for me.

In honor of your memory, and in recognition of the love you had for your family, I make this heartfelt promise to you: me and all your friends will extend our support and care to your mom, ensuring she feels the warmth of the community you so beautifully nurtured around you. We understand the depth of her loss, for it mirrors our own, and in this shared sorrow, we find a shared purpose—to uphold the love and compassion you exemplified throughout your life.

Rest in peace, my angel, Haley Boggs. Your spirit lives on in the hearts of those you've touched, and your legacy of love will continue to inspire us all. I love you forever, and I am profoundly grateful for the time we were given, for the bond we shared, and for the enduring impact you've made on my life.



I first met Haley during the summer going into third grade at summer camp. We weren’t really friends until third grade when she started at Red Bug Elementary, my elementary school. We did a few extracurricular activities together and carpooled to softball games. Then we started middle school at Tuskawilla Middle School. We had a few classes together, specifically, yearbook, she was always so good at anything that required creativity.  We didn’t become best friends until high school. We had math class together bright and early in the morning. I learned so much from her that year. When my dad moved two minutes away from Haley’s house, we became inseparable, I had my driver’s license so of course the rides to school together were my favorite. I remember her last class of the day was photography, fulfilling that creativity she had. Haley loved to listen to music, one thing about her was she always had music on in her room. She had a vision to do beautiful things. She was always an honest, caring, and loving friend. We had so many laughs and a few cries. I knew we would be friends no matter what.

Haley taught me how to express my feelings, she taught me how to consider others’ feelings and that it’s normal to have feelings - good or bad. After we graduated from Lake Howell High School in 2019, we went our separate ways. In late 2021 we had reached out and began hanging out again!  It turns out our friendship was very much needed. Together we went through hard times, and we went through good times, but she was always there and that’s what mattered.

On April 17, 2022, I got a call from a friend who I hadn’t spoken to since high school.  It was the worst call of my life. I was told that Haley was hit by a car in PA and was in the ICU. The last message I sent her 17 hours before had remained unread. It didn’t feel real. It wasn’t until April 19th that it hit me, I met up with the old friend, who is now a close friend, and we said our goodbyes to Haley over the phone, as she lies motionless, comatose, and preparing to become a lifegiving organ donor in her hospital bed.  I spoke to her, and I know she could hear my words of comfort and love.

I never felt weak until that moment. Haley always taught me “everything will be okay”, and from that point forward she touched my soul so deeply, and I knew I had to do something to continue to honor Haley.

Haley’s Mom, Brook, created Haley’s Light in honor of Haley, but more importantly to raise awareness about Haley’s story and prevent it from happening to anyone else. Her passing could have been avoided and Brook is committed to educating and providing the tools to save lives in honor of Haley.  I love and support Haley and will continue being there for Brook and Haley’s Light. If I learned one thing it would be to forgive and live. Forgive your friends because you never know what could happen. And always express your kind feelings towards your loved ones!

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